After a hard day at work, pull out your favorite tiki mug and make one of these cocktails!


Mai Tai

This is the drink that made Trader Vic's famous! Dangerous amounts of rum augmented by two types of citrus and enlightened by the exotic flavors of Orgeat and Curaçau!

Mai Tai
Dark Rum 1 1/2 oz
Aged Rum 1 oz
Orange curaçao 1/2 oz
simple syrup 1/4 oz
Orgeat 3/4 oz
Lime juice 1 1/4 oz
Orange Juice 1/2 oz


Fog Cutter

WARNING! This drink is more likely to make you lost in the fog as it is to cut it. Recommend only one, or the fog will take you!

Fog Cutter
Lemon Juice 2 oz
Orange Juice 1 oz
Orgeat 1/2 oz
Rum 2 oz
Brandy 1 oz
Gin 1/2 oz


One Eyed Pyrat

The favorite of many a buccaneer! 

One Eyed Pyrat Cocktail
Pyrat rum 2oz
Pineapple 1 oz
Ginger ale 3 oz


Frisco Sour

A local variation of a Whisky Sour. Not technically a Tiki Drink, but complicated enough to qualify.

Whisky Sour/Frisco Sour
Bourbon 2oz
Lemon juice 3/4oz
Simple Syrup 1/2oz
Benedictine 1/2oz
Lime Juice 1/4oz
Maraschino Cherry +juice 1tsp



This is the original 1934 recipe invented by Don the Beachcomer himself. Unearthed by BeachBum Berry after a decade of detective work, The real deal.

The Zombie
Lime juice 3/4 oz
Falernum 1/2 oz
Puerto Rican Rum 1 1/2 oz
Gold or Dark Rum 1 1/2 oz
Jamaican Rum 1 1/2 oz
151-proof Lemon Hart Demerara rum 1 oz
Grenadine 1 tsp
Pernod 6 drops
Angostura bitters 1 dash
Don's Mix (2 parts grapefruit juice to 1 part cinnamon-infused sugar syrup) 1/2 oz