Ever been to a technology store and get overwhelmed? Are you confused by the “Cloud?” Are the  kids frustrated that you don’t “get it?”  We understand you! Tiki Tech has the unique concept of Techno-Therapy. We offer personalized support with a caring touch! 

We do House Calls! 

We offer a personalized service to fit your needs! Why bring your computer to a store when we can assist you in the comfort of your own home!

“Techno-Therapy” Coaching Courses:

  • Computer fundamentals
  • Internet Survival 101
  • File Management with the MacOS Finder
  • Photo Organization and Editing with Apple Photos, Adobe Lightroom

Tech Support:

  • MacOS and iOS software updates, installs and re-installs.
  • Microsoft Windows Support (7 and 10)
  • OS recovery and rescue
  • Cloud drive setup and syncing
  • Printer setup and troubleshooting
  • Network installation and troubleshooting
  • Data migration to new devices
  • New computer setup
  • Windows PC to Mac Migration
  • Virtual Machine (VM) setup.
  • Consolidation of contacts/calendars/notes to one service
  • Contact merge duplicate contacts
  • Sync contacts, calendars, notes across multiple computers and iOS devices.
  • Set up Two Factor Authentication for email, system, Amazon
  • RAM Memory and hard drive replacement
  • Backup system install
  • Mac > Media Drive > Backup Drive Workflow setup
  • …and many more!

Specialized Services:

  • Family Photo Organization (Library Merges, duplicate removal, file naming convention, digital workflow, library navigation workflow)
  • Presentation Design with Apple Keynote, Microsoft PowerPoint, or Google Slides
  • Video Editing  with iMovie or Final Cut Pro
  • Web Site Design via SquareSpace


  • Package Program: Eleven hours of training and technical support: $1400
  • On Site House Call: $140/hour
  • Online Support (Skype/TeamViewer): $100/hour


Let us help you with your computer and iDevice concerns! Please contact us at samuel@tiki-tech.com or call 415-238-9506 for a free consultation.