Block Phone Scams!


It's an all too frequent occurrence. Your iPhone rings from an unknown caller. You pick it up. There is a pause, then an pre-recorded message starts playing about a bank line of credit ready for you. Or it's a telemarketer from India. Or it's someone claiming they are from the IRS and you owe back taxes. 

A recent article from Forbes magazine online describes a new trend of scammers claiming they are from the Social Security Administration and there is problem with their Social Security Account

Phone scams are on the rise. Anyone can buy a phone number in any country, and can  use them to imitate any business, any service.

What can you do? 

  • If you don't recognize the number, don't pick it up. If the caller is legitimate, they will leave a message on your voicemail.
  • Install reverse-lookup apps. These apps will compare the incoming call with a database of known scam numbers. Try these two apps: Mr. Number and TrueCaller. You can also add to their databases to remember new scam numbers and help others in the process.



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Samuel Coniglio

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