The Magic of Universal Clipboard

Sometimes you get reminded that we are living in the future.

How can something so simple still amaze me, a grizzled veteran of computers?  

The age of iPhone and Cloud services have made information sharing really simple (if you know how to set it up).  With iOS 11 and MacOS Sierra and High Sierra, there is a super simple way for sharing text between devices: it's easy as cut and paste!


Universal Clipboard is part of Apple's Continuity technology which creates a seamless link between certain qualified apps on both the iPhone and Mac. It requires the WiFi, Bluetooth, and the Handoff feature turned on each device. 

  1. On the Mac: go to System Preferences > General. Click the checkbox next to "Allow Handoff between this Mac and your iCloud Devices."

  2. On the iPhone or iPad: go to Settings > General > Handoff. Click on the switch next to Handoff.

Here is a test: 

  1. Open a web page on your phone.

  2. Highlight a paragraph of text.

  3. Copy the text.

  4. Open a new email or new note on your Mac.

  5. Edit > Paste.

  6. Mind blown.

High Sierra works better for photo and video copying. Going from the Mac to the iPhone/iPad will work as well.




Samuel Coniglio

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